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“Marketing takes a day to learn. Unfortunately it takes a
lifetime to master.”

Phil Kolter


When developing market strategies, we strive to place media right where your target demographic will be to experience it. For instance, skewing transit shelter posters to high schools or malls for post-secondary education clients. Or in terms of recruitment, placing media where your competition is located.


In terms of media planning, we research the media choices, and negotiate for the best possible rates and placement. We use data and software for several types of media such as radio and TV to ensure we have the right choices that will hit your target audience. An example would include choosing the most effective radio station for a live on location remote for your sales or hiring event.


 More Media Options


  • Mobile Marketing

  • Mirror Advertising

  • Cinema Advertising 

  • Indoor & Outdoor Advertising

  • Homepage Takeover

  • Superboards

  • Web Banner Advertising

  • TV and Radio

  • Online and Print Media Planning 

  • Tri-Visions and Posters

  • Digital Billboards

  • Transit Bus & Shelters


Creative Services


  • Ad Campaigns

  • Creative Development

  • Employer Brand Strategies

  • Logo Development

  • Brochures & Post Cards

  • Copywriting/Editing

  • Career Fair Booth Designs

  • Promotional Items



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